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As you received Him, continue to live in union with Him(reflecting His character in the things you do and say) having been deeply rooted and continually built up in Him and established in your faith as you were taught and let your living spill over into thanksgiving

Colossians 2:6-7

Blog Categories

Day to Day With Jesus

Every moment is a God moment. With every second, every hour we get to witness His presence and we are called to testify about it.

Relationships and Friendships

We are called to love God and God's command of love is extended towards our neighbors. We are relational beings and we can only love well if we stay in Christ and be taught by Him.

Journaling Chronicles

Journaling is part of a facet in guiding us in spiritual disciplines such as Bible Study and Prayer. It is sadly neglected but that can change as we share our hacks.and sprinkle some fun on it.

Anchored through Identity

Who we are plays a key role in how we live. The anchored way of life is rooted in the accurate perception of identity What governs your perception of you?? The world? Your tragedies? I Hope not. The Bible is the accurate Blue Print of revealing who we are. Let God reveal what He says you are.


Poetry is the revelation of a feeling that the poet believes to be personal which the reader recognizes as his own. It is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. May these words invite you to long for the intimacy of pursuing God

Book Studies

The accurate exposition of the Bible is crucial in informing our understanding. In this way we can map out clear actionable prompts to stay on the path of life. We(with the help of The Holy Spirit) commit to do an exegesis of these holy Scripture; from every character, to every verse and themes.


To grow in your Christian walk and fulfil your potential, you need to invest in resources that will help you achieve and enjoy this walk

We intend to offer different tools and resources that will help steer you towards enjoying your fellowship with Jesus and allowing you to deepen your knowledge in understanding who God is.

Some of the offered resources you will have access to include Quiet Time Journals, Prayer Journals, Gratitude Journals and other Christian Literature including outsourced materials.

Additional merchandise such as mugs, hoods and T-shirts will also be available

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Meet The Team


Born Again Christian, Daughter, Blogger, Disciple of Christ, Discipler, Servant of God.
Edith is a passionate and total lover of Jesus who seeks to be continually built up and firmly anchored in Him. She is a first born of 5 girls and currently lives in Nairobi. Edith first felt led to begin a blog post in 2017 to share her salvation journey and what God was doing in her. In 2019, she embraced it and published posts on She is passionate about building a community and pouring into them and hence Christ My Anchor was born with the aim of having lives rooted in Jesus. She shares the heart of Jesus in writing through her personal stories and experiences. She is passionate about discipleship and encouraging people in areas of essential Christian disciplines such as Prayer, Studying the Word of God and Fellowship. She is a stationery collector who brings to life worlds of mere paper and pen through her love for journaling. She is a nature enthusiast, traveler, reader, enjoys conversations. She is an avid tea drinker and loves rain.

Edith Chebet


Pam Dreda Oyola


Pastor Pam is a Deliteens Pastor who has tirelessly worked to ensure the teens grow up under the guidance of God through her leadership. She leads with firmness yet so gracefully. Her work over the years speak for itself as we see teens occupy spaces of influence.
She is a wife and a mother to two precious boys. She is a great encourager who shares words of grace that heal and minster life to the hearer. She enjoys journaling and loves inviting people to spend time in the Word of God

Writing Team

Juliet Chiriba


Juliet is a born again lover of God, daughter, sister, disciple and disciple of God. She is passionate about sharing God’s love to everyone around her. She is passionate about love and what better way to express it than through poetry. She aims to share God’s heart through poetry and share her journey from brokenness to wholeness through God.

Harriet Alexandria


Harriet is a lover of God and a lover of people. She is a hotelier by training and an artist by passion. Ministering to the world by utilizing personal life experiences through writing and public speaking is her gift. She is a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend to those God has aligned. She is Christ's and He is hers. There is no other way.



Hellen is a Christian, a wife and and a mother to two beautiful children. She is convinced that Jesus came with words of life and with them He brought life to the earth. She is of the firm belief that we are encouraged to communicate with each other the truth in God's word that we may encourage, correct, and spur one another on this journey of salvation.

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